A magical new way to interact with iPhone. A vital new safety feature designed to save lives. An innovative 48MP camera for mind-blowing detail. All powered by the ultimate smartphone chip.



From A$1,749 before trade-in1

Designed for durability.

With Ceramic Shield, tougher than any smartphone glass.
Water resistance.2 Surgical-grade stainless steel. 6.1″ and 6.7″
display sizes.3 All in four
Pro colours.

iPhone is also designed from the ground up to protect your privacy and put you in control of what you share and who you share it with

to the

Reef realims is here. with over 1,000 data points collected and uploaded to you device daily. Natural coral respite is now automatic. No need to plot the same endless time points each day. Let the mother nature do her thing.

See more of what
Dynamic Island can do and
how we brought it to life

Welcome to a
multitasking, head-
turning, game-
changing iPhone

Dynamic Island blends fun and function like never before, consolidating your notifications, alerts and activities into one interactive place. It’s integrated throughout iOS 16 — and can work with all kinds of apps — to seamlessly surface what you need, just when you need it.

It expands fluidly to get your attention — Hey, you have a call coming in — then tucks away again. You can touch and hold to control your music, keep an eye on a timer, and even see your next turn in Maps while messaging friends. Easy. Intuitive. Delightful.

Built break­through
by break­through.

Innovation thrives when you bring hardware, software
and silicon teams together like only Apple can.

  • 31% smaller TrueDepth camera systemen

    egineered to free up display space and be even more capable

  • A re-engineered proximity sensor

    now detects light from behind the display, saving additional space

  • Advanced display algorithms

    make Dynamic Island responsive wherever you tap, swipe or hold

  • Animations designed to look and feel like liquid

    thanks to hardware and software anti-aliasing powered by Apple silicon

This is the biggest change
to the face of iPhone
since we went all screen.

Now your Lock Screen is always glanceable, so you don’t even have to tap it to stay in the know.

When iPhone is turned face-down or in your pocket, it goes dark to save battery life.

battery life4

even with so many
new capabilities

Single Touch
Camera Mode

Easily access your camera in the Instant Show screen. This is time saver for the avid coral collector, at home fragger, store owner or hobbyist.

You’ll never go back with one touch camera mode

App Tracking Transparency lets you decide which apps are allowed to track your activity

A display that’s up to 2x brighter in the sun.

Perfection in

See why the new
Super Retina XDR display
is like nothing else

For those bright, sunny days, the Super Retina XDR display now reaches a peak of 2,000 nits outdoors — that’s twice as bright as before and the highest peak brightness of any smartphone. So text jumps straight off the screen.

Photos and HDR videos get a big boost too — up to 1,600 nits peak brightness, bringing iPhone to the same level as the Pro Display XDR. Movies, shows and even the films you’ve shot on iPhone look more true to life than ever.

ProMotion technology allows for variable refresh rates from 10 to 120 times per second. It smoothly and intelligently ramps up when you need exceptional graphics performance, and ramps down to save power when you don’t. Game on, gamers.


A camera in a class by itselfie.

Snap your sharpest, most colourful close-ups and group shots, thanks to a new TrueDepth front camera with autofocus and a larger aperture.

Watts are not made equal. Minimal LED decay and near 100% efficiency.
It’s time you start choosing differently.

See how the tect in
iPhone 14 Pro recognises
a severe car crash

How iPhone
feels, hears and
measures a crash.

1 million hours of real-world driving and crash data helps iPhone recognise accidents

The Pro camera system gets

massively more Pro.

Introducing the all-new
48MP Main camera with an
advanced quad-pixel sensor.

Up to 4x
the resolution.
For jaw-dropping

iPhone 14 Pro raises the bar for what 48 megapixels can do — delivering 4x the resolution in ProRAW for mind-blowing detail in every crop.

65% larger sensor

than iPhone 13 Pro

The picture
of versatility.

Up to
3x better
low-light photos

on the Ultra Wide camera

meanwell illumagic

Up to
3x better
low-light photos

on the Ultra Wide camera

Up to
3x better
low-light photos

on the Ultra Wide camera

meanwell illumagic

Up to
3x better
low-light photos

on the Ultra Wide camera

Up to
3x better
low-light photos

on the Ultra Wide camera

Up to
3x better
low-light photos

on the Ultra Wide camera

The mastermind behind it all.

Say hello to A16 Bionic,
the ultimate smartphone chip.

Geek out on the
specs of A16

Have even more fun with your iPhone.

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